Reform and Renewal

Reform and Renewal is a new growth programme from the Church of England. It is in part a response to research that has been conducted over the past five years, some of which was published in the document Anecdote to Evidence last year. It seeks to face up to the scale of issues which face the Church of England, the declining trends in church attendance, and the average congregation age projections that this research suggests will face the Church in the decades ahead.

 "All we're doing is seeking to respond in every aspect to the challenge of insuring that the Church of England continues its unique and wonderful role to be active in every community in this country,"  says John Spence, Chair of the Finance Committee for the Archbishops' Council, in the video introduction to the new programme. "This isn't about one strategy for the Church of England. This is about the Church of England supporting the forty-odd dioceses in each of their strategies."

"I do think we are near the last chance saloon," says Pete Broadbent, Bishop of Willesden. "Nobody's saying 'Nothing's happening'. What we are saying is a sea-change is needed, whereby the Church needs to restructure itself in order to evangelise the country."

Reform and Renewal is challenging us all to be forward looking, and facing up to the scale of the problem which exists.

Click on the files below to download them to your pc, tablet or device, and click on the video to watch a 5 minute introduction.

You can read each Report and contribute comments to an on-line forum using the links below:
Developing Discipleship Report 2015; Simplification Report; Resourcing Ministerial Education Report; Resourcing the Future Report.

Link to You tube video clip.

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