A Journey in Hymns

A Journey in HymnsDuring Holy Week 2017, Wakefield Cathedral has invited guest preacher, The Very Reverend Michael Sadgrove to deliver sermons at a number of their services. Michael Sadgrove is Dean Emeritus of Durham and has chosen as his theme ‘A Journey in Hymns’.  

The poster gives details of all services at Wakefield Cathedral throughout Holy Week.

Visitations 2017

This year's Visitations take place at 5 locations across the diocese.
Licensed Clergy, Licensed Lay Workers and Churchwardens for 2016 and for 2017 of each and every parish in the Diocese of Leeds are cited to attend one of these events.

At the Visitation the Lord Bishop of Leeds will deliver a charge to the clergy and churchwardens.
Churchwardens of the coming year will make their declarations at the Visitation Court prior to being admitted to office.