General Synod Elections - 2021

The Diocese of Leeds has been allocated 9 Proctors in Convocation and 8 House of Laity places. A list of the candidates in the diocese’s General Synod Proctors in Convocation election and in the diocese’s General Synod House of Laity election and a link to each candidate’s election address and written replies to hustings questions (where provided) are available below.

Please note: Any statement, views or opinions expressed by any candidate in their candidate’s election address and/or written replies to hustings questions do not necessarily represent those of the Leeds Diocesan Board of Finance nor of the Presiding Officer in the election.

Some candidates have included a note of the hustings questions with their written replies and others have numbered their reply to refer to the number of the hustings question.  A copy of the hustings questions showing the number of each question is available here.


Candidates - House of Laity


Candidates - Proctors in Convocation

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