Punctures, ditches and laughter (Part 1)

At St James Primary School, Friday’s in Tim’s class is known as “Funday Friday”. Who’d have thought this name would have followed us to Tanzania!

A very early start ready for a long days travel to Ragata Primary School and a visit to Nyamisisi on the way. The group all said that today would be an adventure. How right we were!

On arrival at Nyamisisi children stared on and ran out of their classrooms to greet us. It was difficult to absorb as the older children were herding them back into the classroom with some force.

Smiling faces and waves greeted us through the windows and as we exited the bus there was a line figure of a child no older than 3. He stood motionless for a while. We wondered what he was thinking. Stephen knelt down and his warmth was felt by the child and they embraced. Stephen sung him some songs and the personality and confidence of the child was beginning to break through.

Arthur escorted us to the teachers office, where we were greeted by staff with mountains of books on their desks marking away. A hundred books each. Piled up. A nightmare for all teachers and a very familiar sight for us. 

Whilst we were asking and answering questions with the teachers. The little boy took centre stage in the middle of the room, giggling, smiling, keeping himself entertained with a very small piece of chalk and his flip flops. Emotions were building up throughout and seeing a child so happy and content brought smiles to our faces.

Song and dance erupted again. Thanking the link project schools (Thornhill Lees and St Mary’s Wakefield) for the help developing their school and they shared the pride they have for their school.

Onto the bus and Stephen had to touch a few more hearts. Breaking out into song passionately to a class who clapped and laughed along.

What an amazing start to the day!

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