Godly Play

“Inclusive" "Exciting" "Allows us to discover God’s story in a new way"

Godly Play is a creative and imaginative way of exploring the Christian story. It can be used in a variety of settings – church, schools, hospitals, care homes – to help people attend to God. It invites listeners into stories, helping them to discover things they would never previously have noticed. Find out more at www.godlyplay.uk

An introduction to Godly Play

The Children and Youth Team often run taster sessions for Godly Play. To register your interest or for more information please email charlie.scott [at] leeds.anglican.org (Charlie Scott).

Godly Play - 10 commandments






Godly Play Resources at the Wakefield Resource Centre

Godly Play Catalogue Cover

Download the Godly Play Catalogue

To borrow any of the books or story boxes - click here to order

Useful Links: 

www.godlyplay.org.uk The website of Godly Play in the UK 
www.godlyplay.org International Godly Play site 
www.stmichaelsworkshop.co.uk Suppliers of Godly Play materials


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