Young People (10-18)

Welcome to the page for information and resources for ministry with young people.  We use the ages of 10 to 18 as our basis – roughly covering the start of adolescence to the start of adulthood - but you might find that some of the material here is relevant for people who fall outside that range, and that’s ok!  Scroll down for information about Training, Resources, Reading and Jobs.  If you need anything that you can't find here, please contact Graeme Bigg, 10-18s Lead.


You can find opportunities for training in ministry with young people on the Diocese's Digital Learning Platform.  If you are after something that’s not listed there, please get in touch!


Looking for resources?  Resources for what?  There are a lot out there, but the Children, Young People and Families Team can help you narrow down your search, so please give us an E-mail/call if you want some more help.  However, some quick suggestions:

The Digital Learning Platform has an array of resources for work with children and young people.

Youth for Christ produce adaptable resources for 11-14s and 14-18s (as well as other ages); you can trial some of these for free.

Energize from Urban Saints is, similarly, a suite of adaptable resources, also accessible via a free trial.

Martin Saunders, Director of Innovation at Youthscape, has written a couple of books full of discussion-starters, including The Ideas Factory.

There are also pages on the Diocesan website about Confirmation and Participation and Listening.


Rooted in the Church is a 2016 report from the Church of England, based on research that sought to explore what helps young people stay connected to church.  You can also watch a summary video here.

Youth for Christ have produced several reports over the last few years, including Gen Z: Rethinking Culture (2017) and Z-A of Faith and Spirituality (2020).

Grove Books produce a Youth Series, with quarterly titles on a wealth of topics.  The books are short but a very useful starting point for thinking/reading further.


Looking for a job in Christian youth work?  Popular places to advertise are:

The Diocese of Leeds 'Other Vacancies' page

Going For Growth Vacancies page

Premier Jobsearch

Church Drum


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