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COVID-19 Resources

During the current Coronavirus pandemic, the Children, Young People and Families Team are publishing and promoting resources for families to use at home in a special Learning Community on the Digital learning Platform called Light at Home (from 2nd April 2020).

A wider selection of resources, aimed at resourcing and equipping those involved in children's, youth and/or family ministry at their church, is available in another Learning Community called Not Overcome.

Diocesan Safeguarding advice on using video conferencing for youth work can be found here.  A draft consent form can be downloaded here.


Our aspiration:

Children and young people are part of a welcoming, enriching and safe worshipping community of every benefice and cathedral. They are provided with a supportive context for maturing in their faith, living out that faith in practice. Every child in a Church of England school encounters Christ and the Christian faith in a way which enhances their lives.

From Maturing in Christ: A strategy for the Diocese of Leeds 2019-2024

The Children, Young People and Families Team support parishes as they seek to develop and extend their mission and ministry with children, young people and their families. The team are based in the diocesan offices but operate across the whole diocese. Each member of the team acts as a first point of contact for parishes and groups in a particular Episcopal Area, so if you would like advice or support, or are just wondering where to start, please get in touch!

All team members have a specialism, which will be used across the diocese, however we all also have a wealth of experience in children, young people and family ministries to share. 

We work in a variety of ways, including facilitating discussion, delivering training, providing practical support and information, updates on resources and up-to-date details of research and thinking in the areas of mission, ministry and children and young people’s spirituality. 

You can find all the areas that our Children, Young People and Families Team can help you with in our team booklet here.

Children, Young People and Families Team

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