Beautiful installation for Leeds Light Night

Artist Shaeron Caton-Rose has created a ‘stunning and affecting’ installation about the invisibility of climate change for Light Night Leeds on Friday 9 October.

Light Night is an annual ​multi-arts and light festival in which, for one night, the city centre comes alive with 60 free arts events - spectacular light projections, exhibitions, installations, film, dance, music, theatre and street performances.​​​

At Oxford Place Methodist Church, Shaeron Caton-Rose has created ‘Tears of the Angels’  in support of Christian Aid and their climate change campaign.

It’s an immersive installation 'creating a meditative feast of sound and sight'. 77 hand-crafted bowls are imprinted with the chemical equations for rain and acid rain and filled with water. From a distance all the bowls look the same, its only on close examination the viewer can see the difference - illustrating the invisibility of climate change. The bowls are displayed under a shower of crystal raindrops and with a thunderstorm soundtrack and a trance-like video piece.

The event takes place at Oxford Place Methodist Church (LS1 3AU), 6-11pm, and there will be a voluntary opportunity for visitors to lobby their MP about campaign change.

Shaeron Caton-Rose has been exhibiting for over 20 years, making artworks using text, print, textiles, video, bookmaking, found objects and sound. Her work explores the meanings and narratives behind assumed realities, both in terms of faith and other ideas about ‘how the world is’.

She is Artist in Residence at Henshaws Arts & Crafts Centre, Knaresborough, a day centre for adults with disabilities.






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