Discovering Christianity – Keighley schools visit to Ilkley

Ilkley schools visitBaptising babies, carving tablets of stone and the Last Supper where among the experiences for sixty children from Keighley last week. Hosted by All Saints Ilkley, this interactive learning experience of Christianity aimed to provide a hands on guide to the essentials of the Christian faith which is part a school’s RE curriculum. The visit to All Saints, Ilkley by Keighley St Andrew’s Church of England Primary School took place last Thursday and was a big hit with the children.

Neelam Mahmood one of the teachers leading the visit said, “as we were walking out some children were exclaiming that it was the best trip they'd been on, and one girl told me she wanted to come again with her mum!”

Rev. Patrick Bateman (pictured left) of All Saints said, "we're really excited to share our ancient church with others and this was a great opportunity to have some fun and build a connection with our neighbours who live the other side of the Keighley Gate on Ilkley Moor".  

The event was put together by a team from All Saints Ilkley which included Youth and Families co-ordinator Lawrence Basham and three interns, Naomi Burns, Edd Greenfield and Jonny Rudd. Jonny Rudd (pictured right) said, “We were really blessed by the children who came to visit and it encouraged us all to think more about our faith”

This is something the church hopes to make available to other schools. To find out more about All Saints Ilkley visit or follow on twitter @allsaintsilkley


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