Earlier-than-ever pancake races at Leeds Minster

Leeds Minster’s annual pancake race took place a few days early this year, because Shrove Tuesday falls in half-term.

Dozens of children from St Peter's CofE Primary School, the Minster's Sunday School and choristers from the famous Choir of Leeds Minster (in their traditional red dress) raced down the historic back streets of central Leeds – attempting to toss pancakes as they went. One described it as “an unmissable, hilarious afternoon of traditional fun”.

Shrove Tuesday is part of the Christian calendar marking the eve of Lent (40 days of fasting and prayers before Easter ). It was historically held so people could use up their supplies from the pantry before Lent began on Ash Wednesday. The word shrove comes from the Old English word shrive - to confess one’s sins. On Shrove Tuesday people confess their sins and it’s believed that pancake races came from women rushing to church before the noon cut-off time, clutching their half-finished pancakes.

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