Extraordinary response to clothes appeal for Iraq

Over 2000 bags of winter clothes have been delivered to St Luke's Holbeck for Iraqis who were displaced from their homes wearing only their summer clothes.

The appeal was begun by Lydia Mitton (wife of curate, the Revd Chris Mitton) via a Facebook page and the response has been overwhelming.

Vicar, the Revd Alistair Kaye, says, "It's been extraordinary. We had our Sunday service surrounded by mountains of bags, and everyone stayed behind for four or five hours to grade and bag the items. People from all over the diocese have come to help and we've had Christian Syrians and Muslim and Christian Iraqis helping too. It's actually been really good fun - with a brilliant sense of community and friendship.

"We look forward to getting an update when the lorry arrives in Northern Iraq next week".

Video of the Iraq collectionWatch the video here or click on the picture.  Virgin giving page here

Lydia adds, “It's been heartbreaking to see photos of children wearing flip flops in the snow and to hear stories of babies dying of hypothermia. I can’t imagine how it would feel not to be able to take care of my one and two year old. I'm just glad the people of Leeds can do this small thing for them".

There are around 900,000 people who have been displaced by the war in Iraq, most of whom have lost their homes and possessions.

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