Happy First Christmas West Yorkshire and the Dales

A short film celebrating all the good work we do to bring the wonder of Christmas to our churches, our schools, our communities and our hospitals has been made to share this Christmas, the first as the new diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales.

This Christmas in West Yorkshire

It has been uploaded onto our You Tube channel and we hope you share it this Christmas in your services and on your own websites and other social media. 

Bishop Nick has also sent a message: Happy Christmas!

This is not mere sentiment, but is a hope and prayer that can be lived out all over this diocese. Our churches and communities, captivated by the Jesus who came among us as one of us, live out God's reckless invitation where they are. In our schools, colleges and hospitals, in our prisons, shops and churches, in hospices, clubs and societies, we will re-tell the story of God surprising earth with heaven.

In our first Christmas as a new diocese let us celebrate with joy the generosity of God - then live it out for the sake of those among whom we live and serve.

WATCH our Christmas film – celebrating what we do, who we are and the wonder of Christmas here in our new Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales by clicking on the picture above or this link: http://youtu.be/6iSuQFHnd6E

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