A history of Adel Church in treasured objects

This weekend, Adel parish church is holding a display based on the BBC series 'A History of the World in 100 Objects'.

Church members have leant items they treasure – such as a WW1 doll, a cow bell and some organ stops – and describe the reasons for their attachment to the object in a free booklet.

One of the organisers, Liz Williams says, “Adel Church, which dates back to 1152 (possibily the oldest Leeds church still in use), has been welcoming people down the centuries. So the purpose of this display is to open the doors to the local community. Last year when we had ‘open house’ (with old, flower-filled shoes up the path), one man said he’d last been in the church 54 years ago when he was baptised. Despite driving past often, he’d not felt able to come in – but we’d given him an excuse and he promised to be back this year!”

Adel’s Festival Weekend continues on Sunday when they’ll be clypping the church. Clypping is an ancient ritual in which the members join hands and encircle the church; first facing the church to celebrate their fellowship together and then facing outwards to represent their concern for the community.

The 'Treasures to Behold' exhibition takes place on 20 & 21 June - the Norman church is open all weekend and refreshments are served in the Old Stables next door.

Photo shows a cow bell, toy coach, WW1 wooden engine and a WW1 china nurse doll. Note from booklet below:

Cow bell
This is a genuine Swiss cow bell as worn by cows on the mountains in Switzerland so that the farmer would know where they were.  It was given to us by our neighbour – a University professor who was spending acouple of years in England before returning to Switzerland.  When my children were small we were surrounded by fields where they used to play.  When it was time to come home, I used to stand at the door and ring the cow bell They always came home when the bell rang.

Contact: Liz Williams lizw0124 [at] gmail.com



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