The Leeds Board

Leeds Board Members at 16 January 2020

Bishop of Leeds (1) Bishop Nick Baines 

Suffragan Bishops (5) Bishop Toby Howarth, Bishop Jonathan Gibbs, Bishop Helen-Ann Hartley, Bishop Paul Slater, Bishop Tony Robinson

Elected Dean (1) Dean John Dobson

Elected Archdeacon (1) Archeacon Paul Ayers

Chair of the House of Clergy of Diocesan Synod (1) The Revd Canon Sam Corley

Chair of the House of Laity of Diocesan Synod (1) Mr Matthew Ambler 

Elected Clergy (2)  The Revd Nigel Wright, Clergy Vacancy 

Elected Laity (4)  Ms Kay Brown, Mr Andrew Maude, Canon Mrs Ann Nicholl, Mrs Jane Wardman 

Board Nominees – (1 clergy, 4 lay) The Revd Canon Kathryn FitzsimonsCanon Mr Simon Baldwin, Mrs Marilyn Banister, Canon Mrs Jane Evans, Canon Mr Irving Warnett

For Diocesan Mission and Pastoral matters (4) (Four Archdeacons not elected to the Board supplement the Board in place of the Area Bishops.) 
Archdeacon Anne Dawtry, Archdeacon Jonathan Gough, Archdeacon Andy Jolley, Archdeacon Peter Townley.  


Files and Board Minutes

Memorandum and Articles of the Leeds Diocesan Board of Finance


Leeds Board minutes - 2020

Leeds Board minutes - 2019

Leeds Board minutes - 2018

Leeds Board minutes - 2017

Leeds Board minutes - 2016

Leeds Board minutes - 2015

Leeds Board minutes - 2014

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