New Safeguarding Adviser

Jenny Leccardi  has been appointed as Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser, to work alongside the diocese’s other Safeguarding Adviser, Jenny Price.

Jenny Leccardi has worked for many years with services safeguarding vulnerable children and adults in both the public and voluntary sectors. For the last ten years she has worked in Community Safety and Children's Services in Leeds City Council, most recently managing a multi-agency partnership which supports and safeguards families, working with social care, police, health and voluntary sector services. Her previous roles include family support, implementing city-wide policy for issues such as child sexual exploitation and managing a community project to reduce street prostitution.

Jenny says, “I’m keen to take up this new challenge and to use my knowledge and understanding of these issues to support the new diocese. I look forward to getting to know clergy and parishes and to working with Jenny Price to deliver the best possible service”.

Deputy Diocesan Secretary, Debbie Child, says, “I’m delighted at Jenny’s appointment. It’s an indication of our commitment to this important area of work as we will now have a total cover of six days per week, with each adviser working three days a week. Jenny will begin in post on 3 November and we will be writing to each parish with more details of how the safeguarding service will operate.”

Jenny is married to Alex whom she met when she spent two years in Italy teaching English. They have two children aged 5 and 8 and worship at Scott Hall Church in Leeds where Jenny plays the flute.


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