Pause for thought – and then go wild!

Trinity Woods being opened by Bishop Jonathan, a pupil at the school and Headteacher Mrs Whetham

Holy Trinity Primary School, Halifax, have just opened a reflection garden and nature area on the school’s grounds to help the pupils and staff find a moment of peace and tranquillity among the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

In Bishop Jonathan’s words, the garden was built to provide a space where those at the school can step aside from the commotion of the playground and pause for a few minutes to think and reflect, or to give thanks and pray. 

Holy Trinity has also built ‘Trinity Woods’, a woodland play area which contrasts with the school’s urban setting, helping everyone to appreciate God’s creation and the natural world.

Bishop Jonathan stood in Holy Trinity's reflection garden

The reflection garden and nature area was opened by Bishop Jonathan, area Bishop of Huddersfield, on the 21st May, but the elements weren’t particularly favourable after the strong wind almost blew off the Bishop’s mitre!

Holy Trinity pupils dancing in front of the reflection garden for the opening ceremony

Bishop Jonathan said, ‘What a great idea – and one that we could all benefit from in today’s all too busy world!

‘Visiting Holy Trinity Primary School for the opening of their Spiritual Reflection Garden was a real joy. 

‘So much careful planning and hard work had gone into preparing both the garden and the opening ceremony, which included wonderful music and dance from the children.

‘Full marks to everyone involved in both projects!’

Mrs Liz Whetham, Headteacher of Holy Trinity, said, ‘We wanted somewhere for children and staff to go to reflect on life, people who are no longer with us, and a special place to talk to God.

‘I am delighted with the garden, it is testament to the hard work of many that it is so fantastic.’

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