Photo Competition - to decorate new diocesan office

SingingThis is the Diocese of Leeds

Today the diocese is launching a photo competition - ‘This is the Diocese of Leeds’ - the winners of which will appear on the walls of the new diocesan office in Leeds.

Debbie Child, Joint Diocesan Secretary, says, “We’re looking for exciting and slightly unusual images which show the ways in which the Church has a positive impact on people and communities.”

Three Categories

There are three categories and prizes to be won in each:

1. Confident Christians, Growing Churches, Transforming Communities - Open to all

Signing2. The Beauty in our Buildings – a quirky or unusual look at some of our architecture or architectural features - Open to all

3. 'Why I love my school’  or ‘Why I love my community’ -  Children’s category  -
Three age categories: 7-11, 12-14  and 15-17.

Deadline:  30 September 2016

1. You can interpret the categories as you wish but, as clergy move on, try to avoid photos that make them the subject – but they could be part of a group.
2. Make sure you have written permission for any children featured in your photo entries.
3. No more than 5 entries per person.
4. Please send 1-2 MB resolution only (with higher res version available if you are a winner).

ShineSend your entries to: photo [at]

Download more information below:

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