Prayer – don’t talk about it – just do it!

tea lightsSt Helen’s Sandal Fellowship Group in the Wakefield Episcopal Area found new ways to pray together has reinvigorated their prayerfulness and opened up a whole new life together.

Organiser, Sue Davis explains: “There had been a growing feeling that our corporate prayer life needed a jolt. We were vaguely aware that there are an alternative range of prayer styles in the Christian tradition so we made enquiries and for a whole term tried a different prayer method each time we met.”

The group started by contacting the Diocesan Prayer & Spirituality Group, found their website packed with ideas, and found someone from the group who specialized in each tradition to lead them each week and they ended their new experiences by joining the Brothers for compline at the Community of the Resurrection in Mirfield.

“The idea was not to talk about it, but just to DO it!, “ said Sue.

The sessions included: 
Celtic way of prayer;
Examen—from the Ignation way;
Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer;
praying with and for Children,
A talk on the Eucharistic Prayer
and they finished by joining Compline with the Brothers at the Community of the Resurrection.

“It was the first time for most of us in a led session, praying in stillness, silence and contemplation and most of us found the sessions moving, refreshing and quite mindblowing.

“We learnt a tremendous amount including methods using prayer at all times during the day and many of us found it took us to a different level, a deeply prayerful place.

“And everyone loved the experience of Compline with the Community in Mirfield, “ she added.

Thanks to everyone who helped them on this prayerful journey – the group are still developing their personal and corporate prayer life – at least one is considering Julian meetings!

Anyone wanting to try this for themselves can find out more from sue_davies [at] (subject: Prayer) (Sue Davies).


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