The (quite literally) lost sheep - in Calverley

St Wilfrid’s, Calverley lived out Jesus' story of the lost sheep recently when one of the sheep which keep the churchyard vegetation down went missing.

Church Reader John Corbin says, "We have both sheep and goats and they are a valuable asset as well as being an attraction for the local community. So it was a bit alarming when one of them went missing".

After an extensive search, the sheep was finally heard bleeting and then discovered in an old collapsed grave into which it had fallen.

After digging around the sheep, John Corbin went into the grave. He says "After  a struggle I managed to lift the sheep out. He was none the worse for his ordeal, but was very hungry, so started devouring the vegetation before eventually joining the rest of the flock.

"I've often reflected on the parable of the lost sheep but never thought I'd re-enact it!"

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