Resources to help pupils reflect on WW1 shared across country

WW1 Collage from Holyhead Church and local school, AngleseySchool pupils explore the lessons of the First World War with exciting new educational resources

War, peace and the origins of the white feather are just some of the big issues pupils in our church schools can explore – thanks to exciting new educational resources from the Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales to mark the centenary of the First World War.

Education chiefs in the new diocese specially commissioned RE adviser and RE expert, Lat Blaylock to write a series of packages to help pupils better understand the lessons of WW1 to tie in with the diocesan church and church school poppy planting campaign and mark this historic centenary.

Now these resources – designed for Year 2 through to Year 9 - have been published and are available to download for all schools to use in RE lessons and across the curriculum.

The Revd Gill Johnson, Education Development Officer, said: “Many people struggle with the concept of RE and what we wanted to do was offer a quality resource that explores what we can learn from the Great War in an exciting and use-friendly way that both honours and marks this anniversary.
“Church schools have high profile inclusive religious education and it is our duty and our privilege to share these exciting new resources across the country,” she added.

Poster by Corinne, aged 12Pupils aged from six to 14 across our 250 church schools can get to grips with some of the big themes and lessons of The Great War with these resources which can be adapted and used as teachers wish. They explore real life stories of people caught up in the First World War – including the story of a Sikh family – and also tell the story of the significance of the white feather and what happened when the Quakers met Native Americans.

Author, Lat Blaylock who runs RE Today Services and edits REToday magazine, said: “Schools will be using First World War resources all over the country in the coming four years, specially in November for remembrance. RE resources enable the exploration of big questions about meaning and peace, and it has been a pleasure to work with the Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales to create these three units of work for children and young people aged 6-14. I hope that these RE curriculum plans will enable lots of good thinking, creative expression and deep learning about these never to be forgotten events, “ he added.

Gill Johnson and Lat Blaylock would be delighted to receive examples of pupils’ work to encourage others. Contact details are:
Gill.johnson [at] ()  01924 371802 ext 233 or email Lat [at]

Find the resources here:

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