St Aidan’s ‘Day at the Seaside’ gives others the chance of a holiday by the sea

Trying to avoid the custard pieSt Aidan's Church of England High School in Harrogate staged a 'Day at the Seaside' to fundraise for the work of ‘Away From It All Holidays’ (AFIA) – a charity run by Mothers’ Union to give families a chance to have a holiday by the sea.

Despite appalling weather - perhaps typical of the British Seaside - students paid to wear beach clothes instead of uniform for the day and three spectacular activities were held during break and lunch time:

•  Teachers starred in a mock Punch and Judy battle. The loser got a custard pie in the face!

•  Students paid to vote which teacher they would like to see buried in the sand.Custard pie treatment

•  Lastly teams of teachers took part in a Donkey Derby hurdling over the course in wheelbarrows wearing donkey heads, cheered on by crowds of students.


Bury a teacher bucket

The result?
A substantial amount of money raised to help children and families across the region enjoy ‘A day at the seaside’. And no teachers – only wallets - were harmed in the raising of this money.

The Seaside Day at St Aidan’s is part of a bigger fundraising project for ‘Away from it All Holidays’ which will see Mother’s Union member, Jane Newsome climb Table Mountain in South Africa on Easter Day. More on that later.

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