St George's growing links with the local Jewish Community

St George’s has held two breakfasts to thank members of the local Jewish community who have enabled the development of a significant link between the two faith groups.

The burgeoning relationship has seen visits to, and presentations in, each place of worship and the Jewish community has enabled nine from the church to visit Auschwitz. Jonathan Clark, rector of St George’s, has also spoken at the annual Yom HaShoah (holocaust memorial) at the Etz Chaim synagogue.

A member of St George's, David Kibble, says, "One of the central strands of the relationship has been the formation of a group which has discussed the issue of Israel and Palestine together, and last year a group of four went on a fact finding visit to Israel and the West Bank. 

"Later this month I and my Jewish colleague Mike Fligg will be addressing an international conference on peace and reconciliation, with reference to our discussions and the visit to Israel and Palestine. And in August I'll be giving a presentation on the link between the two communities at St Paul’s Cathedral, San Diego.

"At the breakfasts, Phil Goldstone, Neil Solden and Stan Cundle (above) from the Jewish community were thanked for their part in bringing the two communities together - and I had the pleasure of cooking them an appropriate Israeli breakfast – shakshuka."

Joanna Pearson, Associate Rector at St George’s (above), attended the breakfasts and talked about various aspects of the church’s work in addition to thanking the members of the Jewish community.

The breakfasts were part of St George's Love Leeds week in which church members go out into the community to offer acts of service, and to let people know about both the church and their faith.


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