Church Buildings & Pastoral Reorganisation

The Church Buildings and Pastoral Reorganisation team brings together several statutory and non-statutory functions relating to the care and use of church buildings and churchyards, and the organisation of parishes and benefices. The team comprises staff administering the functions of the Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches (‘DAC’) and the Mission and Pastoral Committees (‘M&P’). 


The DAC is here to help parishes care for their buildings in the best way and develop churches as centres of mission that serve God’s people, with due regard to their architecture, archaeology, art and history.

Anyone thinking about making any changes to a church building, churchyard or any structure within the boundaries of church land should involve the DAC. Almost all works to church buildings, their contents and churchyards will require permission from either the Archdeacon (List B permission) or the Chancellor (faculty permission), and the DAC will provide advice on all types of work.  The DAC and its staff can support parishes at all stages of a project, from initial thoughts, through fundraising and making a faculty application, to completion. It also provides training events and guidance notes for various subjects relating to the care of church buildings and churchyards.


The M&P staff handle a broad base of work and can provide advice on numerous matters relating to reorganisations of parishes and benefices.  In all this work, the M&P Committees and their staff have particular regard to worship and mission as central to the life of the diocese, working to ensure pastoral needs are met in all communities.

Areas covered include the suspension of a patron’s rights of presentation, reorganisations such as unions of benefices and or parishes, creation or termination of Team Ministries/Group Ministries/Pluralities, parish boundary changes and Deanery alterations. The work relates to the closure of church buildings and finding new uses following closure, and appropriation of churchyards for new use.  The staff aim to smooth what can be a traumatic and difficult process in every way possible. 


Who we are

Lisa McIntyre Lisa McIntyre
Team Leader / DAC Secretary
0113 3530 277
​07872 005305
Rob Andrews Rob Andrews
Team Coordinator (Church Buildings and Pastoral Reorganisation)
0113 3530 278
Stephen Craven Stephen Craven
Church Buildings Support Officer
0113 3530 274
  Charlotte Lilley
Mission & Pastoral Secretary
0113 3530276
07539 873382
Deborah Thorley 
Interim Mission & Pastoral Secretary
0113 3530 273


DAC Members

Ven Paul Ayers Archdeacon of Leeds
Ven Bill Braviner   Archdeacon of Halifax  
Ven Jonathan Gough Archdeacon of Richmond and Craven
Ven Dr Andy Jolley
Archdeacon of Bradford
Ven Peter Townley Archdeacon of Pontefract,
and Chair of the DAC
Fr Jonathan Bish Liturgical Expertise
Stephen Calvert Architect
Robert Haskins Diocesan Synod Representative
Brian Jones Structural Engineer
Michael Montgomery Engineering Expertise
Brian Pearson Conservation Planning Expertise
Revd John Rogers Electrical Engineering Expertise
Ken Sharp Lighting Adviser
Anne Smith Planning Expertise
Jessica Thomas Local Authority Representative
Sue Wrathmell Historic England Representative & Tree Adviser
Vacant Joint National Amenity Society Representative
Vacant Diocesan Synod Representative

DAC Advisers

Andrew Aspland Bell Adviser
Edward Bacon Clock Adviser
Tim Gray Organ Adviser
Edward Scott Organ Adviser
Louise Hampson Conservation Adviser
Lauren Piper Conservation Adviser
Jonathan Cooke Stained Glass Adviser
Elizabeth Hippisley-Cox   Stained Glass Adviser
Tim Scholes Audio Visual Adviser
Doug Whiteley Audio Visual Adviser
Celia Kilner Art Adviser
Stuart Beaumont Architectural Adviser
Ulrike Knox Architectural Adviser
Andrew Moore Sustainability Adviser
Chris Yates Sustainability Adviser
Jemima Parker Environmental Adviser
Dr Angela Z. Redmond Archaeological Adviser
Ian Roberts Archaeological Adviser
Prof Alan Simson Trees adviser
Richard Pauw Structural engineering adviser
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