Applying for a faculty

The Diocese of Leeds uses the Online Faculty System and all faculties must be completed online.  Please click here to register for the Online Faculty System; instructions on how to register can be found here.  

Changes to the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules came into effect on 1st April 2020 and there have been changes to the Online Faculty System associated with this. Those who have previously applied for faculty will note that applying for a full faculty will now look different - the DAC's feedback will be given in several stages as the application develops, and consultation with other bodies, if required, has to happen earlier in the process. Click here to access the revised manuals for the Online Faculty System  Further guidance on the changes to the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules and the main changes to the Online Faculty System can be found in our Guidance Documents section. Please do contact the DAC if you need any help in completing your Online Faculty application

Frequently Asked Questions about the online faculty system can be found in the help section. Please click here to access that page.

Applying for a faculty can be a daunting task, particularly if you have never submitted one before.  The DAC are always on hand to offer support and advice and please do email or ring us if you have questions.  A comprehensive list of guidance documents are available at the bottom of this page.


List B Applications

Items on List B will require permission from your Archdeacon after consultation with the DAC. Most of the Archdeacons will accept List B applications through the Online Faculty System and some will also accept applications by email. Please see below to see how to apply for List B application in your Archdeaconry:

  • Bradford - Online Faculty System or email;
  • Halifax - Online Faculty System only;
  • Leeds - Online Faculty System only;
  • Pontefract - Online Faculty System or email;
  • Richmond and Craven - Online Faculty System only.

From the 1st April 2020, the Faculty rules that govern how churches manage their buildings, churchyards and contents changed. As part of these new rules, a number of works have been added to the List A (where permission is not required) and List B items (where archdeacon consent is required).  Please see the Consistory Court page to download the revised lists.



Since November 2019, there is an arrangement whereby the Notification of Advice on simpler and uncontentious faculty applications may be issued by the DAC Secretary after consultation with the relevant Archdeacon and DAC members or advisers but without it going to the full Committee.  This will speed up the process by up to several weeks in those cases, as applicants will not need to wait for a DAC meeting.   

Please see the guidance note in the list below (Guidance Note 8 – Delegation) for a fuller explanation of how the system of delegation works. The formal Instrument of Delegation can be downloaded: here 



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