Items available from other churches

Liturgical furniture and other items
available from churches in the Diocese of Leeds
for use in other churches – June 2018

General notes

Unless stated, items are available free of charge for church use.  Expressions of interest for secular use or from dealers will be considered but may be subject to negotiating a purchase price. The new owner in all cases would be expected to cover the costs of removal and transport.

For more details or to express interest in any of the items please contact:
Stephen Craven, Assistant DAC Secretary,
Diocese of Leeds, 0113 3530 274 or e-mail


Items available from a church in Leeds 

Advertised since February 2018

From a closed church in the Leeds area.  Available immediately - this building is being sold and this is a "last chance" for other churches to acquire items.  Donations invited for silverware as follows-

Ciborium with cross finial, dated 1950, valued at £60 - £90

Chalice 6.25" high with matching paten, dated 1963, valued at £120 - £160

Chalice 4.5" high with matching paten, dated 1897, valued at £80 - £120








Sterling silver tray, 12.5" diameter, dated 1952, valued at £300 - £400

CIborium with cross finial, dated 1960, valued at £60 - £90

Larger ciborium with plain finial, dated 1981, valued at £100 - £150

Wafer box dated 1900, valued at £50 - £80

Sprinkler - not separately valued 




EPNS flagon, valued at £30 - £40











Baptism shell dated 1922, valued at £30 - £40








Items other than silverware (no charge) - see separate list for photos.

Two prayer desks
Two wardens staves 
TwoTall candlesticks 
Wooden Lectern with microphone stand         
Oak credence table
Wooden  table 
Banner chest 
Wooden stand with integral wooden dish         
Brass candle snuffer         
8ft metal crucifix 
2ft wooden cross with metal corpus and inscribed HIS
2ft brass crucifix         
7 no. small crucifixes all under 1ft high
Floor mounted safe 
Three wooden altar book stands
Ewer (pewter)
Glass cruet in box         
Two sets of pottery chalice and paten         
Various collection dishes 


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