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Richard Noake Richard Noake
Diocesan Director of Education
Simone Bennett Simone Bennett
Deputy Diocesan Director of Education
Helen Shelley
PA to Director of Education
Darren Dudman Darren Dudman
Senior Adviser - School Systems
Jen Sloan
Senior Adviser - School Performance
Janet Tringham Janet Tringham
Schools Adviser: Senior Leadership
Rupert Madeley Rupert Madeley
Schools Adviser: Senior Leadership
Lee Talbot
Schools Adviser: Senior Leadership
Kevin Matthews Kevin Matthews
School Buildings Officer
Anne-Marie Sceats Anne-Marie Sceats
Administrative Officer

Diocese of Leeds Board of Education - Our Vision for Education

The Diocesan Board of Education plays a vital role in helping to fulfil the vision of the Diocese of Leeds: Loving. Living. Learning.
Everything we do is also shaped by the Church of England’s Vision for Education: Deeply Christian, Serving the Common Good.

Called by God, we aim to nurture Christian hope and high expectations in everyone who is involved in education across our Diocese.
Our ambitions:

  • To inspire children, young people and adults with Jesus’ promise of “life in all its fullness” (John 10.10).
  • To support those who work in schools, colleges and universities in nurturing the whole human person, through encouraging spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, moral and social development.
  • To offer a deeply Christian vision of human flourishing for all in which schools and other institutions serve the common good, setting high expectations of achievement within a holistic and whole-life framework.

Our priorities:

  • Loving – To respect and encourage each individual as a person wonderfully created in the image of God and deeply loved by God.
  • Living – To offer an example of living the Gospel in each learning community, inspired by God’s love for us and our love for one another.
  • Learning – To serve our whole community by offering the highest quality learning experience to students of all ages, promoting wisdom, knowledge and skills.

All within the context of the Church of England’s Vision for Education to promote education for: wisdom, knowledge and skills; hope and aspiration; community and living well together; dignity and respect.

Who is this Vision Statement for and how can it be used?

  • Students, young people, children and their parents and carers, so that they can see how the diocese helps to shape outcomes for learners in schools and other institutions.
  • Those who work in schools, colleges and universities - leaders, staff, governors and other volunteers, so they can see how the diocese supports the quality of teaching, learning, leadership and governance at all levels.
  • Parishes and diocesan bodies, clergy and laity, so they can see how the Diocesan Board of Education fulfils our Christian mission through its work in schools and other educational settings.
  • Our partners at a regional level - local authorities, regional schools commissioners, further and higher education, employers, voluntary organisations, and other public bodies, so they can understand how the diocese makes a distinctive contribution to the common good.
  • Our partners at a national level – including the Department for Education, Ofsted, the Education Funding Agency and the Church of England Education Office, so they can see how the Diocese fulfils its statutory role in education – and more.

For the Diocesan Board of Education itself, and our Diocesan Education Team,  the vision serves as a framework for shaping and delivering our work across schools and the wider education community in the Diocese of Leeds.

Board Members:

Names and background details of the members of the Board of Education can be found in the file below.


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