Parish Share

In November 2016, a new parish share system was launched with a package of resources and support available for churches.


Each church has been sent its own parish share request based on the new system, together with 20 copies of a booklet for PCC members explaining the scheme. This is the culmination of two years consultation with parishes and deaneries throughout the Diocese.

The booklet can be found here.

We have also prepared other resources to help you think through not only the technicalities of how share is assessed but also why it is important that we all work together in resourcing ministry throughout the Diocese:

A PowerPoint presentation on the new Parish Share Scheme which can be used at Deanery Synod, with PCCs and with congregations, Bible study notes and sermon ideas on giving, and a list of FAQs.

There is also a letter from Joint Diocesan Secretary Ashley Ellis concerning the new Parish Share Scheme.

This material complements the information you will also have received from the Stewardship Team.

We hope you find these resources helpful.

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