Parish Share

What is Parish Share?

Parish Share is the sum of money contributed by each parish to fund ministry and mission, both at a local parish level and throughout the Diocese. Parish Share provides 65% of our income and is essential to the mission of the church in the Diocese of Leeds and without it, clergy could not be supported.

Specifically, Parish Share covers the cost of all our:

  • Clergy stipends;
  • Clergy pension contributions;
  • Clergy housing; and
  • Clergy training.

A Parish Share booklet explaining how the parish share system works, along a list of FAQs and bible study notes and sermon ideas on giving, are available to use at Deanery Synod, PCC’s and with congregations.

The Parish Share budget leaflet 2021 contains an overview of the 2020 Budget in graphical form and details how the Diocese spends its budget. The full 2020 Budget can be seen here.

All treasurers and incumbents will receive a leaflet and are encouraged to promote its contents in their local churches e.g. parish magazines, websites and word of mouth.

Detailed Parish Share Reports are available on a monthly basis showing the actual amount of Share received at Episcopal Area, Deanery and parish levels. 

Did you know that the Diocese operates a Parish Share Historic Arrears Policy, where your PCC’s historic (pre 2017) share can be written off if your share is paid in full for 2017, 2018 & 2019? A revised policy effective from 1 January 2020 will be published in the New Year.

If you have any questions about the Diocesan Budget or your Parish Share calculation, please contact the Diocesan Office on 0113 200 0540 or [at]

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