Synod Information


Here are key documents and pieces of information that relate to Synod.


Synod Minutes and Standing Orders

If you want to know what happened at any of the Synods in the last year, you can find that information here in the minutes, alongside presentations that were given at each Synod.

Standing Orders

Diocesan Synod Minutes 14/11/20

Diocesan Synod Minutes 26/9/20

Diocesan Synod Minutes 19/10/19


Synod Dates

The dates for Synod can be found below.

Next Synod: October 16 2021



Synod Officers and Contact Information

President of the Diocesan Synod: The Rt Revd Nick Baines

Chair of the House of Clergy:

Chair of the House of Laity:

Diocesan Registrar: Peter Foskett

Secretary to the Diocesan Synod: Jonathan Wood

If you have any questions or comments about Synod, please contact our Governance and Elections Lead and Diocesan Electoral Registration Officer, Heather Burge, via email: heather.burge [at]

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