The Consistory Court

Welcome to the web-page for the Consistory Court of the Diocese of Leeds. With effect from 1 January 2016 the various practices of the consistory courts of the three historic dioceses have been brought into alignment with a unified process which will apply consistently across the whole diocese. Parochial clergy, churchwardens, inspecting architects/surveyors and others will need to be familiar with the practice and procedure of the Consistory Court in the exercise of the faculty jurisdiction which affects all proposed changes to the fabric or content of church buildings. The web-page seeks to act as a repository for relevant material, and suggestions for its improvement are welcome.

Particular attention is drawn to the Chancellor’s General Directions and the Churchyard Regulations as these differ in some significant ways from previous practices in the historic dioceses. The January date is particularly suitable because it coincides with several other changes to the faculty jurisdiction concerning the Church of England as a whole:

The Diocesan Chancellor, Mark Hill QC

The Chancellor of the Diocese of Leeds is Professor Mark Hill QC. He is the judge of the Consistory Court and is responsible for determining whether or not a faculty should be granted. Usually this is on the basis of written representations, although sometimes it is necessary to convene hearings which normally take place in the church concerned.

All communications concerning the Consistory Court should be directed to the Registrar, Mr Peter Foskett at the Diocesan Registry: Yorkshire House, East Parade, Leeds, LS1 5BD. Telephone: 0113 280 2241.

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