LLF Resources

In our diocese, the Bishop of Ripon, the Rt Revd Dr Helen-Ann Hartley, is heading a steering group to engage with the work, and in a video, which can be viewed here, she said: “At the core of our life together in the Diocese of Leeds is our hope that in our Living, Loving and Learning, we might reflect more fully the life of Christ in our midst.

“LLF is an opportunity to do just that.”

As part of the resources a Living in Love and Faith book has been published. The Living in Love and Faith book sets out to inspire people to think more deeply about what it means to be human and to live in love and faith with one another. It tackles the tough questions and the divisions among Christians about what it means to be holy in a society in which understandings and practices of gender, sexuality and marriage continue to change. Commissioned and led by the Bishops of the Church of England, it has involved many people across the Church and beyond. They bring a great diversity and depth of expertise, conviction and experience to exploring these matters by studying what the Bible, theology, history and the social and biological sciences have to say.


All of the Living in Love and Faith resources can be found on the LLF Learning Hub, which has been developed by the LLF team.


The Church of England's Pastoral Advisory Group has set out some principles of pastoral practice for how the Church of England can live well together within the parameters of its current position on marriage and the different deeply held convictions that individuals and churches hold on these matters. The outcome of this work has been the production of the Pastoral Principles for living well together.


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