Ambitious Environment Policy approved for our Diocese

An ambitious environment policy to support development of an "eco-diocese" is now in place with Synod's approval.

And the new document comes with a template of aims and actions for parishes to discuss and then create their own green strategies.

"Synod's support is so encouraging and raises our ambitions for reducing carbon emissions and playing our part in helping creation," said diocesan environment officer Jemima Parker, pictured.

The agreed diocesan policy builds on Christ's promise to make all things renewed and states:

"It is this good news that enables the church to speak into the current environmental crisis.

"As we seek to love our neighbours who are affected by environmental degredation, be they local, global or generational, we have a mandate to take action in our church buildings, churchyards and in our communities.

"Responsible stewardship of creation and our contribution to greenhouse gases, needs to be an integral part of our mission and ministry: Living, Loving and Learning."

The policy's mission ties in the five goals of the new Diocesan Strategy:

1. Thriving as a distictive diocese whose culture is shaped by a shared vision and values

To be a pioneering diocese with a shared vision of environmental sustainability across the diocese's diverse contexts.

2 Reimagining ministry

For every parish and church school in the Diocese of Leeds to have a ministry and mission of environmental stewardship.

3.Nurturing lay discipleship

The fifth mark of mission "securing the integrity of creation" is seen as an integral part of discipleship

4. Building leadership pathways

Clergy and lay are motivated to take responsibility for their own development and for training their congregations in sustainable stewardship.

5.Growing young people as Christians

Children and young people are given the opportunity to grasp how the gospel relates to the environmental issues of their time.

"We now have a 5 year strategy in place to help work towards being an eco-diocese," Jemima said.

"The policy also comes with a separate Model Parish Environment Policy -  which is an appendix and was not itself adopted as policy,

"It is something for parishises to discuss and then use to develop their own strategies," she explained.

For advice and all the details, please email Jemima at jemima.parker [at]

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