Christian prayer and meditation group marks seventh anniversary

Listening to God - a prayer group with a difference, has now been running for seven years at Christ Church, Pellon in Halifax.

Worshipper David Ramanauska set up a regular meeting in Christ Church for those who were interested in learning how to hear from God for themselves and others.

“It is like a form of Christian meditation,” David said.

“We begin with a prayer inviting God to speak to us and then we sit in silence for some twenty minutes, and clear our minds while at the same time giving God the opportunity to speak to us in pictures, words and scriptures. 

“Then after twenty minutes, we share what we feel God has been saying to us. 

“One rule that we have is that we never share anything that condemns anyone, or highlights any sin in a person’s life. 

“Should someone in the group feel they have received something like this from God, then they are to share it later with our vicar and no one else. 

 Vicar at Christ Church John Hellewell and his wife Karen, a lay reader, often attend the meetings which are run on the first Thursday of the month at 6pm.

All are welcome.

Pictured from left are Christ Church's spiritual director Ian Lawson, Revd John Hellewell, and David Ramanauskas

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