Diocesan appeal raises £70,000 for people of Sudan

People in the Diocese of Leeds have raised some £70,000 for the church in Sudan, through an emergency relief appeal held this past August.
The appeal came against a backdrop of the worst monsoon seasonal floods in fifty years, political upheaval, economic collapse and the COVID-19 pandemic, all putting huge pressure on the people of Sudan.
Reports from the five dioceses in Sudan say that the first set of funding provided help for over 750 families, including the disabled, widows, orphans and refugees.  
The funds have been used to help provide food for those in need, as well as soap to help maintain hygiene and limit the spread of disease. 
The money has also provided for people in refugee camps to get blankets and plastic sheeting to form shelters from the rain.
Basic medicines such as aspirin and paracetamol have also been purchased and shared. 
The main agency of distribution has been the Mothers’ Union in the country, whose members last year took part in training about planning relief and development projects, and now have been putting those skills to good use. 
Since the first set of funds was transferred, another £35,000 has been sent, with the balance from the appeal ready waiting to be called on by the people of Sudan.
The Most Revd Ezekiel Kondo, Archbishop of the Province of the Episcopal Church of Sudan, said: “Thank you for the love you have shown us in this time of difficulty.
“God bless all those who have given and those who are praying for us.” 

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