Famous Wensleydale nurse to be honoured with special service

The life of Sister Dora Pattison will be honoured during a new evensong and healing service at St. Oswald’s Church, Hauxwell at 5pm on Thursday 16th of January.

Famously known as Sister Dora, she was one of the original founding sisters of the modern nursing profession and specialised in treating industrial injuries associated mostly with the railway profession in Walsall. 

Regrettably, her missionary work was cut short in 1877 because of an illness she died of a year later on Christmas Eve aged 46. At her funeral Hauxwell turned out in respect, with an honour guard of pallbearers and railwaymen.

Born and raised in Wensleydale, North Yorkshire, Dora Pattison’s life was commemorated by the raising of a statue in 1886, which can still be found in the town centre of Hauxwell. 

Mrs Suzanne Stirke, who is married to the great great great nephew of Sister Dora Pattison and has studied the story of her family, will be sharing her thoughts about Sister Dora's life before the start of the service.

"It is important to keep information of the life of Dorothy Pattinson alive both locally and nationally because of her significant historical connections in the pioneering of modern nursing practice,” said Suzanne.

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