A heartfelt thank-you from Bishop James

Bishop James BellBishop James Bell, now retired and living in Cumbria has expressed his heartfelt thanks for all the good wishes, gifts and support he has received from the diocese. 

In an open letter of thanks he said he was particularly grateful for the farewell service at Ripon Cathedral and for all those who came to it. 

Bishop James writes, "A huge thank you to all who joined me for the Eucharist in Ripon Cathedral on 30th April and also to those who sent greetings and good wishes as they weren't able to be there.

"I am deeply grateful to all who contributed to the wonderful gift that will be a great contribution to the new conservatory at my home in the Eden Valley, and for all the kind gifts from so many quarters.

"Above all, thank you for the generous expressions of appreciation and for your love and prayers. I have been greatly blessed in serving in Ripon and Ripon & Leeds and Leeds Dioceses, and not least in the Ripon Episcopal Area.

"God bless you all in the mission of Christ!




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