Huddersfield clergy share thoughts and prayers for Lent

Thoughts and Prayers for Lent is a daily aid for all churchgoers to stimulate thought, prayer and study throughout Lent.

It has been compiled by clergy across the Huddersfield Deanery Area with the Bishop of Huddersfield, the Rt Revd Jonathan Gibbs and was designed for local churches to use alongside other resources, to enable congregations to participate actively during Lent.

Alongside someone’s daily prayer each ‘thought’ has the potential to stimulate your own study of the readings for any given Sunday. The day by day contemplation could be used in a house group setting or for private prayer and study.

It is hoped that the Sunday readings are read as a reference and then some time of quiet, before using the thought and guided reflection.

For example:

Monday 27 February

How on earth to get through Lent without bragging or wearing a badge saying 'I am a Lent martyr!'

Look at the model of Jesus himself.
His wilderness experience was focussed at
each point on God. Jesus deflects the call to test God or look towards self or something else as divine.

This Lent may you keep focussed on God's call to salvation now and on into the future.

The resources are for anyone to use, and were a joint project between the Revd Sarah Farrimond, the Revd Rachel Firth, the Revd Simon Crook, the Revd David Carpenter, the Revd Canon Simon Moor and the Right Rev’d Dr Jonathan Gibbs

You can find it here…

LENT TALKS IN HUDDERSFIELD: Please note there is one change to this year’s Lent talks at Huddersfield Parish church and Huddersfield University.  The Revd Dr Tiffany Conlin replaces painter, Ashley Jackson on Wed 8th March. The prison chaplain’s talk will focus on prison as a place of change.  Talks take place every Wednesday throughout Lent at 3pm in church and 5.30pm at the University. For full list see


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