Latest detailed parish data now online

The most recent statistical information for each of the 448 parishes which make up the Diocese of Leeds has now been published and is available online.

A wide range of detailed data has been produced by Research and Statistics Unit at Church House, London which collects, analyses, and publishes data relating to various aspects of the Church of England.

Data from the national census and other government statistics are used as part of the parish-level information for the Church of England's 12,600 parishes.

View the Diocesan Data here    Please note: parish information is arranged by deaneries (in alphabetical order)

The Research and Statistics Unit emphasise that while each parish dashboard aims to offer a clear summary of the reported patterns of church attendance and participation, it does not of course cover everything that churches do.

The aim, they say is that “by displaying it clearly and conveniently this information can better inform the decisions that churches make about their mission and ministry.”

These parish dashboards contain a summary of the Statistics for Mission (i.e. attendance and participation) returns as submitted by churches/parishes from 2010-2019. The data for the Diocese of Leeds is based on the deaneries which existed at the end of 2016, and does not reflect any changes from January 2017. 

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