'Message in a bottle' promotes care for the Earths oceans

‘Message in a Bottle’ is the name of a Harvest display found at St Philip's Church in Birchencliffe, which has been made to encourage the community to care more for God’s creation.

Members of the congregation, the local uniformed organisations and pre-school groups were all invited to take part. In the end a total of three hundred bottle bottoms were enthusiastically painted, either blue or green, to help create the scene of a whale swimming in an ocean filled with plastic. 

Alison Lobb, environmental representative for the parish, put the final display together alongside her husband Brian. Commenting on the display, Alison said, “I feel it's really important that the Church as a whole should be at the forefront of the conversation about fighting climate change. 

“I know that dealing with plastic pollution is only a part of tackling problems of the planet but the children really connect with this theme and hopefully with the youth leading the way we can all be moved by our faith to care for God's Creation. 

“In the past we have made displays from recycled plastic bottles for the likes of Remembrance and Easter. People passing by have often commented on the displays outside of the Church and are eager to see what we are putting up each time.”

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