Mother's Union supports youth work in Leeds

The Mother’s Union in the Diocese of Leeds has been supporting us in many different ways during this time, and recently have used the PPE they have been making to support youth work in Leeds.
Many Mother’s Union members have helped make PPE for front line workers, as well as hearts to be placed with people dying in isolation, with an identical one given to the next of kin.
They have also been making face masks, which were sold by Mary Sumner House to raise funds. 
With the part of the profits returned to the diocese, the Trustees decided to use the money to improve the lives of young people.
Several games and activities were bought and donated to Neil Obbard, a Church Army Evangelist, employed in partnership with Church Army as Lead Evangelist for the Leeds Centre of Mission. 
He is working in partnership with Archbishop Young Academy, with the goal of developing Christian based youth ministry in the Seacroft parish.
The aim is to see new youth churches established there as part of the Missional Youth Church Network.

The gifts will be used in the outreach to over 100 teenagers he is currently working with and others as the project develops.
Neil said: “Thank you to the Diocese of Leeds Mothers Union for your generosity. 
“The way that you have blessed the Leeds Centre of Mission with our vision is amazing. 
“It will help us to build a solid foundation in the parish in our youth work. 
“It will help us to really engage with the youth in this area when we restart our youth club, when it is safe to do so. 
“It will help at least a hundred young people across all areas of Seacroft parish and help us to sow the seeds of the Gospel in our foundational work of planting a vibrant youth Church here. 
“Therefore this equipment has been absolutely vital and the Mothers Union has been a real answer to prayer!”

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