National All Age service led by Canon from Wakefield Cathedral

National attention focussed on the living room of Wakefield Cathedral’s Canon Precentor on Low Sunday, from where Revd Canon Leah Vasey-Saunders livestreamed a special family service.
Revd Leah led the worship, supported by her husband, Revd Dr Mark Vasey-Saunders, and their children: Miriam, 9, Elias, 12, Jude, 14 and Reuben, 16.
The service had Bible readings, a time of confession and prayers, all shared by the whole family.
Revd Leah said: “It’s quite daunting to be the first family to lead one of these lockdown services for the national church, but we were excited to be able to offer something of our own eclectic expression of faith at home in this way. 
“We have come to a new understanding of what it means to seek and find Jesus when we find ourselves stressed, tired (occasionally grumpy) and stuck at home together 24/7. 
“We’ve been left wondering where we might encounter Jesus next during this lockdown and what new opportunities and future he might be calling us to step into.”
Part of the service involved a reflection from Revd Leah, in which she explored how God can come among us bringing comfort and peace while we are physically apart during the current pandemic.
There was also a fun all age activity called #Jesusathome, invented by Revd Leah and family, which involves people taking pictures of a model Jesus in fun situations around their homes.
The resources for this can be found here.
The service can be found here.

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