New Diocesan intern to support youth mission in Seacroft

The Diocese of Leeds is looking to recruit a new intern to help support exciting new youth mission activities happening in the Seacroft area of Leeds.

This comes as the Leeds Centre for mission launches its summer program, with more planned for the autumn.

Over the summer a free Summer Club is being run, over a four-week period, with morning sessions for primary school children and afternoon sessions for secondary school children.

All will be given free lunch, a family food hamper and activity packs to take away with them. 

This is being done as a large partnership involving the Leeds Centre of Mission, the churches of St Richard’s, St James and St Paul’s, the Mothers Union of the Diocese of Leeds, the Diocese of Leeds, itself, Bishop Young Academy and St Paul’s Primary School, as well as Connecting Crossgates and Healthy Holidays.

The Leeds Centre is also launching a Youth Club from the first Friday in September, as well as a dedicated Youth Church from the first Sunday in September.

The new Diocesan Intern will support all this work and more as part of the team in Seacroft.

Neil Obbard, Lead Evangelist for Leeds Centre of Mission, said: “It is great to be a part of this project at Leeds Centre of Mission that is really having a lasting impact not only within the schoolwork but also with helping to meet the need on the Seacroft estate. 

“We want the change to be a real lasting change that is generational. 

“We have really exciting projects coming up as well such as planting over 12000 trees on the grounds at Bishop Yong Academy that will have a real impact with our local environment. 

“Great times are ahead here, and it is brilliant to be a part of it!”

To find out more about the Intern role, please email Diocesan Director of Interns Joanna Seabourne at joanna.seabourne [at]

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