New fluffy friends made at Lambing Service

A young member of one of our Ripon area churches has got to know a new fluffy friend, as part of a Lambing Service.

Three-year-old Edith Hudspeth, of Selside, was presented with a lamb called 'Spot' by the Revd Stephen Dawson at the end of a Lambing Service at St Oswald’s Horton-in-Ribblesdale. 

During the service, held in St Oswald's churchyard, Edith's mum Katie was interviewed about her new flock of woolly Wensleydale sheep and her work for Wensleydale Agricultural Show. 

Katie handed out wool from her rare breeds that also include Scottish Soay and Swiss Blacknose. 

Ten children enjoyed bottle feeding five pet lambs, courtesy of the Davidsons of Newhouses Farm nearby. 

Jeanette Davidson is a churchwarden at St Oswald's and her grandson Harrison Firth helps to rear the lambs every year.

'Herdwick cup cakes' were made and served by Tower Captain Gillian Parrington. 

The Lambing Service was held annually on local farms until 2019 but moved to St Oswald's in the pandemic.

Two farmers are interviewed every year about the challenges, and opportunities, of upland farming and coping with Brexit and thousands of ramblers and runners in the Three Peaks area.

Pet lambs have to be reared by hand after being abandoned by their mothers, or they may have been one of three lambs born to a single sheep.

Sheep cope best with one or two lambs.

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