Personal spiritual guidance on offer across the Diocese

Authorised spiritual directors are on hand across the diocese to help worshippers journey further in prayer with Jesus.

"Did you know there are currently 93 people in the diocese, lay and ordained, who make themselves available to support you on your Christian journey of discipleship?" said Canon Paul Maybury, Diocesan Spirituality and Prayer Coordinator.

"Clergy in your parish are able to share with you how to be in contact with any one of these people who have been trained, selected and authorised to offer the ministry of spiritual accompaniment, or often also called Spiritual Direction, "

Canon Paul, pictured, said 360 people across the diocese currently take advantage of this offer and meet regularly with their Spiritual Director - but there is space for approximately 150 more people to do the same.

"Would you be interested? What would it look like?" he asked.

"The person offering to accompany you on your journey of discipleship is someone who has been trained in the art of prayerful listening and spiritual discernment.

They make themselves available to support you in your unique and particular journey. They will listen and offer their wisdom and reflections, pray with you and pray for you.

"They will be confidential. They have undergone Safeguarding training as well as Spiritual Accompaniment formation," Canon Paul said

To find out more, please contact your parish clergy, or the person designated in each Episcopal Area to help connect you to an appropriate person or go to

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