Second season of podcasts to be released by the Diocese of Leeds

Faithful North, the podcast produced by the Diocese of Leeds, is returning for a second season.

Four new episodes, featuring voices from a variety of church backgrounds, will be made available from popular podcast providers during our Podcast Week, commencing on Tuesday, July 5.

The podcast is hosted by the Revd Canon Rachel Firth, Vicar of Huddersfield, and David Brighton, former member of the Communications Team for the Diocese of Leeds.

The aim of the podcast is to share engaging stories from around the diocese, hearing people with experiences, training and backgrounds that can enrich and help us.

It hopes to give people an opportunity to reflect on their faith, and issues around faith, from perspectives that they may not have considered before.

Each episode features a particular guest and is based around a topic, with subjects covered including engagin with people of other faiths, youth work and the Diocese of Leeds Interns Scheme.

Rachel said: “I’ve really enjoyed making these podcasts with the team and I hope people enjoy listening to them too.

“As everyday Christians across a huge and diverse diocese, we still, I think, have common interests. 

“I can’t wait for feedback from listeners to start coming in about who they might like us to introduce them to and what subjects they might like to hear about.”

Listen to Faithful North here on the Diocese of Leeds website, or access it via popular podcast providers such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts by searching for ‘Faithful North’.

If you would like to get in touch with the team to suggest a future guest, pose a question or simply make a comment about the podcast, please send an email to faithfulnorth [at]

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