St George's share Christmas story with primary children from across Leeds

Primary school children form across the Leeds area have been learning more about the Christmas story this Advent.

Some 600 primary school children went to see thee St George’s Leeds nativity, ‘The House of God’s Promise’, on Friday, November 25. 

The children came from six schools, and attended across three performances during the day. 

The cast was all congregation members, including three young people who were released from their secondary schools to take part. 

Alistair Ratcliffe, Headteacher at Harewood Church of England Primary school, said: “I would like to say a really big thank you to all of the team at St George's for the work put into the afternoon. 

“The children really enjoyed it, and it was great to hear them talking about the Christmas story whilst waiting for the performance to start and on the bus on the way home!” 

St George’s are repeating the performance to the church on Sunday, December 18. 

If people wanted to come to join St George’s for the performance you can book through their website, and it will be live streamed on their YouTube channel.

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