Use Minecraft to explore faith with our Children and Youth Team

How Minecraft can be used to explore faith will be the topic of an upcoming showcase from the diocese’s Children, Young People and Families Team.

Working with Missional Generation, a charity supporting youth leaders in the region, the diocesan team are inviting leaders and parents to explore what Minecraft is and how it can help look at Christianity in a new way.

They will be demonstrating what Minecraft is, what it looks like and what it could look like for churches to use Minecraft within their work with children and young people. 

The session will include information on building, adventures with young people around topic and themes and how it can be used to explore seasonal times of the year. 

The team want to grow parents’ confidence in the benefits of Minecraft, why it is exciting to children and young people, how it can be used positively and the benefits of the game.

At All Saints Church in Ilkley young people recently used Minecraft to help explore the Easter story.

Ollie Greenfield, All Saints Young People and Families Worker, said: ''In our most recent link up, Ben Jones from Missional Generation joined our youth gaming group to play Minecraft. 

“Ben challenged us to build the story of Easter into a Minecraft world. 

“We split into teams to build the upper room, the tomb and the cross. 

“With the tasks in hand we set off and what sparked was intense creativity from our youth who were loving the challenge to build the Easter story, and we were able to talk about what kind of things there would have been at the time of Jesus and his disciples, and how they would have felt. 

“After an intense time of building, we stopped for a reflection on what the upper room meant and focusing on Jesus dying on the cross for us. 

“We then finished our session by continuing our build, adding in brilliant details, which included a rollercoaster track that gave a tour through the world we created, taking us into the tomb and into the upper room and up to the cross.

“Witnessing the pride our youth took in bringing the Bible, the Easter story, to life in Minecraft was so uplifting. 

“They were able to engage with the Bible in a way they never have before, and I cannot wait to do this again.''

The diocesan showcase will be taking place on September 14 from 7.30pm until 9pm. 

For more details, please click here.

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