The Parish Giving Scheme continues to function as normal during the coronavirus pandemic. The PGS team in Gloucester continue to provide helpful updates on their website regarding any coronavirus contingency measures they may introduce to ensure their business continuity. To check the latest updates from the PGS team please visit

The PGS has invested in a sophisticated Customer Relationship Management database, which is used by some of the UK's largest charities. It is a secure system which adheres to the Data Protection Act.

We fully understand that circumstances change; please rest assured that the PGS team will write to you 30 days in advance of any inflationary increase to your donation with the revised amount. If you are unable to meet it, simply let them know. You can opt out of your decision to inflate your donation at any time by letting the PGS team know

Unfortunately, not. In minimising costs for the PGS all donations are collected on the same day each month, which has been agreed as the 1st. Donations go initially to the PGS who then claim any eligible Gift Aid and then deposit the donations into your church’s bank account on the 10th Month. Receiving all PGS donations on 10th of every month has the added benefit of enabling your church to plan its finances more effectively, enjoy an improved cash flow situation and ultimately be in a stronger position to meet its Parish Share instalments.

There is no direct charge to the Parish for using the Parish Giving Scheme or processing the donation. The annual running costs of the Parish Giving Scheme are met by the Diocese.

The Parish Share income is all used to help fund Ministry in Parishes and Clergy property costs. The Diocese still requires additional sources of income to meet all costs and this is raised through property rents, investment income, fees and church grants. The Parish Giving Scheme will be paid for out of this additional income.

Yes, you can opt to give anonymously through the PGS. Only the PGS team will know your personal details. The church receiving your donation will be able to identify you as a number on their statement. If you are a tax payer it will also be possible for the PGS team to claim Gift Aid on your donation while you remain anonymous to the church; meaning that your church will benefit from receiving an extra 25% of the value of your original donation through Gift Aid.

The size of a Parish has no bearing on whether it can join the PGS; both small and large Parishes can join. There is also no minimum or maximum number of PGS donors that a Parish can have.

Anyone who is a regular giver to their church can join the PGS and have their regular donation collected by direct debit instead of giving by standing order, envelope or plate. The PGS also offers an opportunity for churches to attract “new givers” to donate regularly to their local church. These new givers may be members of the community who are not church members but who value their local church and use their local church for activities other than for worship e.g. keep fit classes, concerts; mother and toddlers etc.

Yes, it is easy to change your donation through the PGS at any time. Simply contact the PGS team directly either by post, email or telephone and give details of the changes you wish to make. The various contact details for the PGS are clearly shown on the Gift Form.

Yes, it could if your parish currently has a majority of regular givers who aren’t eligible to Gift Aid their donations (e.g. aren’t taxpayers). In this scenario these churches may benefit more from not adopting the PGS, so they still qualify to claim the maximum amount of Gift Aid through the GASDS.

A Parish adopting the PGS and encouraging their regular givers to switch to the scheme might like to consider the following advice. In order for the Parish to both benefit from the PGS and be eligible to claim on the maximum of £8000 of small donations through GASDS the Parish should ensure that they receive a minimum of £800 in Gift Aid eligible donations outside the PGS each year. Parishes who receive less than £800 in Gift Aid eligible donations each year, however, can still claim through GASDS using the “matching rule”.

The Matching Rule

Every £10 of donations claimed under the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme must be matched with £1 of donations claimed under Gift Aid in the same tax year. For example, if the total value of donations claimed under Gift Aid is £300 for a particular tax year the maximum value of donations which can be claimed under the GASDS for that tax year is £3000.

Switching from standing order to a direct debit through the PGS will mean that your donation will be taken by direct debit on 1st of the month and arrive in your church’s bank account on 10th of the month thus improving the church’s cash flow and financial planning. See Q3.

Full guidance regarding the Parish Giving Scheme has been provided by the Stewardship & Income Generation Team and  can be read here but an overview is provided below.

  • To all parishes who are already on the Parish Giving Scheme, there should be no disruption to normal service
  • On Monday 27th April the PGS team launched a new, dedicated telephone service designed to enable prospective donors to set up a regular Direct Debit gift over the phone
  • To all parishes currently working on or considering launching the Parish Giving Scheme you may wish to postpone your PGS launch to your congregation but  please do encourage members of your PCC to give through the PGS at this time and thus have a chance to trial the PGS system. When you are able to launch the PGS you can reassure your congregation how well it works.
  • To all parishes who are considering whether to register for the PGS at this time - please do continue to register, following the instructions provided on Register with the PGS . You will then be able to trial the PGS with PCC members at least and be in a position to fully launch the PGS to your congregation when Covid -19 restrictions allow you to do so.


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