Prayer and Spirituality 

Spirituality has been described as that which makes us conscious of the mystery and wonder of life and moves us to seek meaning in it. It recognises there is more to life than what we see and touch. Different things may prompt it
For Christians the source of all life and being is God revealed in Jesus Christ. Christian Spirituality is how we experience being drawn into the life and activity of God by his Spirit. It involves Prayer and study of the Bible but is much more. It is about the whole of life.

The Prayer & Spirituality Team work in a variety of ways to encourage everyone in the Diocese in the development and growth of their spiritual life. Events, resources, training and spiritual direction are some of the areas they are involved with. Please click here to view and sign up to the Digital Learning Platform. 

Please use the menu to find out more or if you have a query email: spirituality [at] (subject: Spirituality)

The Prayer & Spirituality Team

The Prayer & Spirituality Team aims to support and encourage churches and individuals in spiritual growth by

  • providing literature and events to help and encourage prayer
  • putting people in contact with those offering spiritual direction and spiritual companionship
  • training in Christian listening skills and spiritual direction
  • support and oversight to spiritual directors

The Diocesan Prayer and Spirituality Team's coordinator is Henriette Howarth.

The role is 2 days a month. Feel free to contact Henriette for advice, suggestions and queries henriette.howarth [at] (via email).


Henriette Howarth Henriette.Howarth [at] (Henriette Howarth)
Diocesan Prayer and Spirituality Coordinator
Revd Nick Clews nicholas.clews [at] (Nicholas Clews)
Prayer & Spirituality Coordinator
Bradford Area
Contact crouse [at] (Mavis Rouse) for Spiritual Direction coordination
Prayer & Spirituality Coordinator
Huddersfield Area
Please contact henriette.howarth [at] (Henriette Howarth)
Carol Byde cmbyde [at] (Carol Byde)
Prayer & Spirituality Coordinator
Leeds Area
Ailsa Newby ailsa.newby [at] (Revd Canon Ailsa Newby)
Prayer & Spirituality Coordinator
Ripon Area
Revd Gill Butterworth ruth.harris11 [at] (Revd Ruth Harris)
Prayer & Spirituality Coordinator
Wakefield Area
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