Picture of Stainforth Vicarage

Property and Glebe Management, including Vicarages and Rectories

The Diocese of Leeds covers an area of 2,425 square miles. There are 471 parishes organised into five archdeaconries and around 480 houses that the Diocesan Board of Finance is responsible for as well as glebe land.

The DBF is responsible for property matters with the following objectives:

  • To ensure that property is used and managed effectively as a support to the mission and ministry of the Church.

  • To provide houses which are of a satisfactory standard, and which are maintained and, where necessary, improved in a manner that is timely and consistent with good value for money.

  • To recognise the impact on diocesan clergy, their families and other occupants of timely maintenance and repair as part of the pastoral care offered by the Diocese.

The Team deal with property matters around Clergy Housing, Glebe, Schools and PCC Trust property, contact details can be found here.

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