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All face to face meetings have been suspended for the time being, however we are able to support you from afar. Please look at our newsletter Money for Mission for information.


Church emergence Mission Grants

New grants from the diocese have been launched to support churches as we emerge from the strictest lockdown measures and to facilitate initiatives that allow church mission to flourish in the current context or to revive mission work that may have stalled. The types of projects that the grants aim to support include but are not limited to:

  • Technical equipment that would allow broadcasts of services online
  • Hire or purchase of equipment to support outdoor activities (e.g. resources to support children and young people being able to meet over the summer)
  • Publicity materials to promote emergence mission work in the church
  • Courses and clubs that bring people together (in an appropriate manner)
  • Purchase of contactless donation devices to minimise cash handling (applications should also highlight how a contactless device will support mission activities)

Projects could come from an individual Parish, from a group or Parishes or Churches working together, or from a Deanery. This grant will principally look to support non-building costs, though small items might be considered within the context of a larger project.


More details can be read here


Apply by downloading the application form from here


Financial Reviews still available during lockdown!



The Stewardship and Income Generation team can help in a number of ways including;

​For advice and assistance please contact the team on

resourcingparishes [at] leeds.anglican.org on 0113 3530 216

For further information relating to financial issues follow the link to the Finance pages.

The DAC (Diocesan Advisory Committee) can provide advice and information on applying for a faculty for development work in churches. 


Meet the team

Becky Nicholson
Lead Stewardship Officer
Clare Bellamy Clare Bellamy 
Finance Officer (Services) 
Janet Edmond Janet Edmond 
Stewardship Officer
Janet Edmond Phil Deane 
Financial Services Accountant
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